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Field Level Hazard Assessment Card

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Employers and supervisors are required to take every reasonable precaution necessary for the protection of workers health and safety. Paramount Safety Consulting Inc. provides workers, supervisors and employers an easy way to ensure that hazards are identified and controlled prior to commencing work each day!

The Field Level Hazard Assessment Card is designed to determine whether or not compliance is met, equipment is adequate and if the necessary safe working conditions are available.
This full size Tri-Fold 8.5″ x 11″ Landscaped formatted form will change the safety culture in your workplace, ensuring compliance and the ability to prevent an injury in the workplace.

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Product Description

The Field Level Hazard Assessment Card contributes valuable insight on the hazard recognition method of “R.A.C.E” Recognition, Assessment, Control and Evaluation. These easy to use cards break down the prescribed job into steps, allowing the user to easily identify any potential or existing hazards, determine the level of risk the hazards may pose and establish adequate methods for controlling the identified hazards. This assessment card includes hazard recognition procedures for the following:
  • – Confined Space Entry
  • – Lockout/Tagout
  • – Safe Work Procedures & Permits
  • – Ergonomics
  • – Tools & Equipment
  • – Housekeeping & Work Environment
  • – Personal Protective Equipment
  • – Fall Protection
  • – Environmental Protection
  • – Emergency, First Aid & Fire Protection
  • – Work Process Completion
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