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Workplace Inspections (WPI-01)

Workplace Inspections (WPI-01)

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Workplace Inspections (WPI-01):

Course Length: 4 Hours

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Workplace Inspections

Course Code (WPI-01):

Workplace inspections are essential to determine what the potential and existing hazards are in the workplace, and establish methods to protect the workers.

The Performing Workplace Inspections course is designed to provide participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to conduct an effective workplace inspection.

This course provides participants with insight on identifying hazards with any machinery, substances, production processes, working conditions and procedures in the workplace. Emphasizing on the key question: “Can any potential hazards or accidents develop from this situation?”

Participants will develop an understanding for the planning required prior to conducting an inspection, the types of hazards, required documentation, inspection procedures, inspections reports and the follow-up.

This course is recommended for supervisors, employers, health and safety representatives and JHSC members.