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Construction Heater Operator (CH-02)

Construction Heater Operator (CH-02)

From: $199.99

Paramount Safety Consulting Inc. is a TSSA Approved Training Provider for CH-02!

Course Length: 4 Hours

This course meets the curriculum content for CH-02 Record of Training programs under O.Reg 215/01 (Fuel Industry Certificates).

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Construction Heater Operator TSSA

Course Code: CH-02 

A person who is the holder of a CH-02 certificate or the holder of a record of training for the purpose may perform the functions of a CH-01 on a construction heater or torch that has an input
of 400,000 Btuh or less.

CH-02 Training is mandatory for any workers who will be connecting, disconnecting or activating propane devices with 400,000 BTU or less.

This course is developed to provide participants with the knowledge and understanding of the applicable legislation including: The TSS Act, CSA Standard B149.2, O.Reg 211/01, O.Reg 212/01 and O.Reg 215/01. Participants will learn the properties of Propane and the related hazards, the proper methods for storage/handling, appliance and connection types as well as the safe operation.

The CH-02 Training course comprises of two sections: Theoretical (In-Class) and Practical (Hands-On)

Participants are required to bring CSA Approved Safety Shoes/Boots and Eye Protection for the Practical portion of this training course; please dress for the weather as the practical portion is completed outdoors.

Course Duration: 4 Hours
Course Cost: $199.99+HST (per participant)

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