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WSIB Claims Management

WSIB Claims Management

Are your WSIB Claims on the rise?

Let our team of qualified professionals,  provide you with a detailed and comprehensive Ontario based WSIB claims management system that is designed to ensure injury and illness has been eliminated to reduce employer’s WSIB claims costs.

Paramount Safety Consulting Inc. located in Hamilton, Ontario has been providing employers with lowering injury rates and costs associated with claims since 2014.

Our claims management system starts with Illness and Injury Prevention. This is a proactive approach to ensuring a safe and healthy workplace free from WSIB claims.

How to Reduce Claims

We will conduct a workplace facility audit to determine the effectiveness of your current Health and Safety program, policies, and procedures.

Then provide a detailed and comprehensive narrative report identifying gaps in the program if there are any.

We then discuss with senior management the recommendations for consideration to eliminate potential hazards.

Create an effective Health and Safety program, policies and procedures designed to eliminate hazards that cause illness and injury, reducing WSIB claim costs.

Provide employee training with our professional designated instructors. Ensure compliance and hazard elimination by conducting regular field visits.

Provide senior management and workers a detailed Field Visit Report, identify all hazards, and provide controls to prevent illnesses and injuries. Proactive prevention is the best method to eliminate illness and injury = WSIB COSTS= ZERO

Employer Duties & Responsibilities

Provide First Aid Treatment by a certified First Aid attendant

Obtaining medical treatment for a worker who has been injured at work.

Paying your worker, a full day’s wage on the day of the incident.

Maintaining communication with your worker during the recovery period.

Reporting an Illness or Injury

Provide first aid to worker immediately.

If worker requires medical attention, then the employer needs to call for EMS.

If your employee needs further treatment, you must arrange transportation to the health professional, and pay the cost of their transportation to the health professional on the day of injury.

The employer must document all actions taken to prevent further injury.

Conducting Investigations - Document Findings

An employer must investigate the incident and keep a detailed record of what happened, including witness reports, safety talks, and corrective actions.

Identify the root cause of the incident and provide a detailed report of findings.

Ensure that the steps taken to correct the illness or injury are to prevent the incident from occurring again. Retain and file documentation as required

Reporting to WSIB

An employer must report a workplace injury or illness within three days of learning about it if your employee:

  • The worker needed treatment from a health professional, or
    • was absent from work, or
    • earns less than regular pay (e.g., working fewer hours or being paid less per hour).
  • You must provide a copy of the injury or illness report to your employee.

Exemption from reporting to WSIB


You do not have to report an injury or illness to WSIB if all three of the following apply:

The worker required first aid only, and

The worker did not take any time off work, and

The worker did not have a reduction in pay

NOTE* Even if your employee does not need treatment from a health professional, you must report their injury or illness if they are doing modified work. This means any change in their regular job while recovering from an injury or illness for more than seven days (at regular pay). In this case, you must report on the eighth day of modified work.

You must report a workplace injury within three days of learning about your employee’s workplace injury or illness. You are responsible for reporting an injury or illness of anyone you employ in your business, including family, seasonal or temporary employees, certain domestic employees, people doing construction work, students, apprentices, and training participants.

If you are not sure whether the injury or illness is work-related, you should still report it to us. We make the decision whether an injury or illness is work-related. It is against the law to discourage reporting of a workplace injury or illness.

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