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illness & Injury Prevention Plan™

illness & Injury Prevention Plan™

Illness & Injury Prevention Plan™

Injury prevention is a collaborative effort to prevent or reduce the severity of bodily injuries caused by accidents, before they occur. Injury prevention is a component of health and safety, and its goal is to improve the health of the workplace by preventing injuries and hence improving quality of life.

The term “accidental injury” is often used. However, “accidental” implies the causes of injuries are random in nature. researchers use the term “unintentional injury” to refer to injuries that are preventable. Within the field of  health and safety, efforts are also made to prevent or reduce “intentional injury.” Data collected over the years show unintentional injuries are the leading cause of death from early childhood until middle adulthood. During these years, unintentional injuries account for more deaths than the  leading causes of death combined.

Illness and Injury prevention strategies cover a variety of approaches, many of which are classified as falling under the “4 E’s” of injury prevention:

Evaluation of Hazards

Engineering Controls

Education & Training



Illness and Injury Prevention Plan


Paramount Safety Consulting Inc.,   has developed the Illness and Injury Prevention Plan – I.I.P.P™, providing organizations with a program to eliminate illness and injury in the workplace.

In order to provide every reasonable precaution to protect the workers, the employer has to provide an up to date and effective Health and Safety program for its employees. These policies and procedures are designed to eliminate hazards, to prevent injuries, and eliminate the frequency to file WSIB claims. 

Our Illness and injury Prevention Plan™ can provide your organization with the solution to ensure that illnesses and injuries’ are reduced and eventually eliminated.

Illness & Injury Prevention Plan™

Reduction & Elimination of WSIB Claims Costs
Elimination of Lost Time Claims
Workplace Morale
Increased Productivity & Profitability
Company Growth
Increase quality of Life

Health & Safety

We can create your custom Health and Safety policy and procedures to meet and exceed the current legislation. Our staff of certified professionals will provide your organization with a comprehensive Health & Safety program, including all applicable procedures.


We can provide your workplace with all the required Health and Safety training according to the CSA Standards and applicable regulations. Our staff of certified professionals can provide up to date training at your request. No waiting, no cancellations, just quality training. 



Paramount Safety Consulting Inc will assist your organization with keeping the program up to date and current.

Let us take the worry out of keeping you up to date. 


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