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Contractor Audit


Paramount Safety Consulting Inc. recognizes the importance of pre qualifying your contractor and sub-contractors to ensure that they don’t put your organization at risk. We will provide a detailed audit of your contractor/sub-contractor health and safety programs, to ensure that you are not at risk.

We have developed a formal pre-qualification program that provides a detailed report of findings. This is an important initial step in establishing a compliant and competent contractor/ sub-contractor.
Paramount Safety Consulting Inc. will provide assistance to identify your organizations effective safety management system and provide documentation to provide due diligence as a successful candidate for pre-qualification.

Pre-qualifying Contractor/Sub-Contractor

Review of Contractor/Sub-Contractor Workplace Safety and Insurance Board Clearance Certificates

Review of Contractor/Sub-Contractor Scope of Work

Review of Contractor/Sub-Contractor Trade Certificate of Qualifications 

Review Contractor/Sub-Contractor Health and Safety Policies and Procedures

Review and Document Contractor/Sub-Contractor Training Certificates

Provide Health and Safety Orientation to Contractor/Sub-Contractor