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Health and Safety Representative (HSR-01)

Health and Safety Representative (HSR-01)

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Health and Safety Representative  (HSR-01):

Course Length:8:00 AM-4:00 PM (8 Hours)

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Health and Safety Representative

Course Code (HSR-01):
Ontario workplaces, including construction projects, which have more than five regularly employed workers and at which no joint health and safety committee is required, the employer must ensure that workers select a Health and Safety Representative (HSR).
The HSR is selected by workers who do not exercise managerial functions or are unionized. The HSR plays an essential role in the Internal Responsibility System and must be committed to improving the health and safety for all workers in the workplace.
This course will ensure that HSR receive the fundamental skills and knowledge to meet and exceed compliance with their regulated responsibilities under the Occupational Health and Safety Act.
Participants will develop an understanding of the OHSA and applicable regulations, duties and responsibilities, hazard assessments and control, workplace inspections and reporting requirements.
This course is designed in compliance with the Ministry of Labour’s Health and Safety Representative Basic Training Program guidelines.

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