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Hazardous Waste Management Regulation 347

Hazardous Waste Management Regulation 347

From: $299.99

Hazardous Waste Management (Ontario Regulation 347)

Course Length: 6.5 Hours in Duration

Course Cost: $299.99+HST/participant

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Hazardous Waste Management Regulation 347

Course Code:(WM347-01)

Hazardous Waste Management Regulation 347 is Ontario’s law regulating hazardous waste under the Environmental Protection Act (EPA). This training course will provide learners with the basic knowledge and understanding of the different classifications of hazardous wastes, how to identify the classes and the procedures for proper disposal.

Training Objectives:
This course will provide participants with a thorough understanding of R.R.O 1990 Regulation 347: Waste Management , the required documentation including manifests, the fines and penalties for non-compliance, the regulatory responsibilities and emergency procedures for spills or leaks.

Training Modules Include:

Introduction to Regulation 347

Hazardous Waste

Legislative Requirements & Responsibilities

Waste Classification and Characterization

Land Disposal Requirements


Spill Containment


Participant Evaluations:
Participants will be evaluated over the course of the training through class participation/discussion and a final written evaluation.

The written evaluation is completed at the end of the course, participants must receive 75% to be successful.

Record of Training:
1. Documented participation and verifying objectives
2. Registered Participant Training Card
3. Electronic copy of participant training records sent to the employer
4. Certification is valid for three years from date of issue