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Electrical Safety Awareness ©

Electrical Safety Awareness ©

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Electrical Safety Awareness  (ESA-01)

Course Time: 8:00 AM-12:00 PM (4 Hours)

Please refer to course details below for more information.


Electrical Safety Awareness:

The Electrical Safety Awareness course is designed to provide workers with a basic understanding of the dangers of Electrical Hazards. This course covers the different types of electricity such as low voltage, high voltage, and static electricity. The purpose of this training is to ensure workers are aware of electrical hazards . This course is designed for workers that work with and around electrical tools and equipment, or are or could be exposed to electrical hazards.

Training Objectives:
To ensure workers have a basic understanding of electrical safety, who as a part of their work, may be potentially exposed to electrical hazards. This is an awareness level course for “unqualified persons” as defined by OSHA. Electricity is essential to modern life, both at home and on the job. Some employees work with electricity directly like electricians, electronic workers, and power line workers. Many of us work around electricity but are not qualified to directly handle electrical components, or in other words, not allowed to be potentially exposed to live electrical parts.

Training Modules Include:
1. An Introduction to Electrical Safety
2. Electrical Hazards
3. Workplace Responsibilities and Duties
4. Personal Protective Equipment Requirements
5. Safe Work Procedures


Training Evaluations:
Participants will be evaluated over the course of the training through class participation/discussion, group work and a final written evaluation. The written evaluation is completed at the end of the course, participants must receive 75% to be successful.


Record of Training:
1. Documented participation and verifying objectives
2. Registered Participant Training Card
3. Electronic copy of participant training records sent to the employer
4. Certification is valid for three years from date of issue

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