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Confined Space Entry – Entrant & Attendant

Confined Space Entry – Entrant & Attendant

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Confined Space Entry- Entrant & Attendant (CSEEA-01):

Course Duration:  (5 Hours)

Please refer to course details below for more information.


Confined Space Entry, Entrant & Attendant Certification Training

Course Code: CSEEA-01

This Confined Space Entry training course provides participants with training on both the roles, duties and responsibilities of the entrants and attendants. This training has been designed to ensure workers that work in Confined Spaces understand their duties and responsibilities under the  Confined Space Regulation (O.Reg. 632/05).

Training Objectives:
Participants will develop the skills needed to identify the potential and existing hazards associated with confined space entry. As per the regulations, workers must have a thorough understanding of the legal responsibilities and duties that must be performed as an entrant, attendant, supervisor and/or rescue team member.

Participants will receive training on the safe work practices, duties and responsibilities for the entrant and attendant. In addition, all workers will receive training in the following:

  1. Confined Space Entrant/Attendant Duties
  2. Dangerous Atmospheres, including Toxic Gases
  3. Legislative Requirements
  4. Employer Duties and Responsibilities
  5. Continuous Monitoring and Atmospheric Testing
  6. Hazard Control and Assessment
  7. Confined Space Entry Permits and Documentation
  8. Rescue Equipment and Basic Techniques
  9. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  10. Respirator Use and Selection


Participant Evaluation:
Participants will be evaluated over the course of the training through class participation/discussion, group work and a final written evaluation. The written evaluation is completed at the end of the course, participants must receive 75% to be successful.

Record of Training:

  1. Documented participation and verifying objectives
  2. Registered Participant Training Card
  3. Electronic copy of participant training records sent to the employer
  4. Certification is valid for 1 Year as per Regulation 632/05 Section (8)(4). The employer shall ensure that training under this section is reviewed, in consultation with the joint health and safety committee or the health and safety representative, if any, whenever there is a change in circumstances that may affect the safety of a worker who enters a confined space in the workplace, and in any case at least once annually.  O. Reg. 632/05, s. 8 (4).


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