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Overhead Crane Operator – Hoisting & Rigging

Overhead Crane Operator – Hoisting & Rigging

From: $399.99

Overhead Crane Operator – Hoisting & Rigging (OCHR-01)
Course Time: 6 Hours
OCHR-01 (Full Course): $399.99 +HST/participant

Courses running five days a week, No Waiting for classes to fill (905-661-7233)

Please refer to course details below for more information.


Overhead Crane Operator – Hoisting & Rigging

Course Code: OCHR-01

This course is designed to provide workers with the necessary knowledge and skills to perform their appointed tasks safely.
Participants will receive training on crane safety and the general operating procedures, in addition to hazard identification, applicable legislation, hand signals, facility design and the safe work practices.
This course complies with the applicable CSA Standards.

Additional Information:
We encourage all participants to dress comfortably, however Paramount Safety Consulting Inc. strives to maintain a professional learning environment. Therefore, to uphold this standard and ensure all participants are able to partake in the required training activities, we ask that all participants wear work appropriate clothing such as denim/work pants with clean shoes.
All other learning materials will be provided; however, participants may choose to supply their own paper pad/notebook for notetaking.

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