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Paramount Safety Consulting Inc. has a wide variety of workplace signage designed to warn and protect workers, employers, and the public. Our attention to detail and quality sets us apart from other sign manufacturers. We have strived for quality, durability, and dependability. Our signs are reusable and environmentally friendly.

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Product Description

“No Trespassing Violators Will Be Prosecuted” Here are some of the features or benefits that you can take advantage of when you buy coroplast signage:
  1. A sign created from this material has a ribbed surface that gives it a plastic cardboard look.
  2. You can get a sign that have one or both sides.
  3. You can get a sign different sizes and thickness.
  4. Water proof the sign made by this material.
  5. The sign you purchase can last long time if indoor, outdoor coroplast signs less life span as compared to indoor.
  6. Easy to move mount and reuse.