PSCI WHMIS ENGLISHWHMIS 1, WHMIS 2 Course Length: 6 hours Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System Course Overview

Paramount Safety Consulting Inc. provides WHMIS in a classroom based training environment which covers the theoretical and practical portion along with an evaluation to prove due diligence.  This course sets out to ensure compliance with Ontario Regulation 860 (Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System) as well and provide information and instruction regarding the Controlled Products Regulation.

Training Objectives:
  • Legislative standards
  • Employer, Worker and Supplier Responsibilities/Duties
  • Labeling requirements, Supplier Labels, Workplace Labels
  • Material Safety Data Sheets
  • Consumer Hazard Symbol Identification and Classification
  • Health hazards
  • Contents of a Supplier and Workplace Label
  • Contents of a Material Safety Data Sheet
  • Personal Protective Equipment- MSDS
  • Control Methods of Hazardous Substances and Storage
  • Administer Worker Evaluation
  • Worker Evaluation
  • Class Interaction with Instructor
  • Participant receives laminated certificate card.
  • Employer receives record of training.
  • Valid for 1 year from date of Issue
  • Registered number assigned to certification card
  • Electronic registry