[one_half] PSCI TRAFFIC CONTROL BOOK 7   TCBK7 01, TCBK7 02 Course Length: 6 hours Course Overview [/one_half] [one_half]

jackhammer working on the road

[/one_half] Paramount Safety Consulting Inc. provides Traffic Control Book 7 training in a classroom based training environment which covers the requirements for traffic control in work zones. The Ontario Traffic Manual’s Book 7 (Temporary Conditions) has been developed to provide basic uniform requirements for traffic control in work zones during roadway or utility construction and maintenance operations on or adjacent to public highways including ramps and municipal roads and streets, (as well as other public ways to which road traffic has access. Paramount Safety Consulting Inc. will keep electronic records of each participant that are available at a moment’s notice. Training Objectives:
  • Purpose & Scope
  • Legal authority
  • Fundamental principles
  • Application of guidelines; recommended best practice
  • Student Evaluation
  • Participant receives laminated certificate card.
  • Employer receives record of training.
  • Certificate expires 3 years from date of issue
  • Registered number assigned to Certification Card
  • Electronic Registry