Asbestos Awareness – ASA 1 – 4-Hours Asbestos Awareness Review – ASA 2 – 3 Hours Course Overview Paramount Safety Consulting Inc. provides Asbestos Awareness Training in a classroom based training environment which covers the theoretical and practical portion along with a written evaluation to prove due diligence. This course sets out to ensure compliance with the Asbestos Regulation 278/05. The employer shall maintain up-to-date written records showing who provided and who received training under this section and the date when it was provided. Paramount Safety Consulting Inc. will keep electronic records of each participant that are available at a moment’s notice. Training Objectives:
  • Applications of asbestos in Canadian building materials
  • General locations and types of asbestos used in construction
  • Health effects of asbestos exposure and preventive measures
  • Asbestos Regulation 278/05:
    • Application, Asbestos Management Program
    • Responsibilities of Employers under normal operations
    • Asbestos Assessments, methods and limitations
    • Classification of Asbestos Work, (Types 1,2 and 3)
    • Type 1 Measures , Policies & Procedures
    • Type 2 Measures, Policies & Procedures
    • Type 3 Measures, Policies & Procedures
Health and Safety Training

Health and Safety Training

  • Participant receives laminated certificate card.
  • Employer receives record of training.
  • Valid for 3 years from Date of Issue
  • Registered number assigned to Certification Card
  • Electronic Registration of Certificate ensures authenticity