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Working at Heights (WAH-01)

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Working at Heights (WAH-01) Information:
Course Time: 8:00 AM-4:30 PM (8.5 Hours)

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Course Objectives: This course will provide participants with the knowledge and understanding of Ontario’s Health and Safety Legislation and Construction Regulations. Participants will develop a thorough understanding of the applicable standards, guidelines, safe work procedures and responsibilities under the Occupational Health and Safety Act and Construction Regulations (O.Reg. 213/91). Participants will receive hands-on instruction demonstrating the proper installation, use and inspection of Fall Protection Equipment including harnesses, lanyards, lifelines and rope grabs. Participants will also learn about methods of fall prevention such as guardrails and warning lines, including their use, limitations, specifications and inspection procedures. This training is valid for three years from the date of issue. Participants that have successfully completed a C.P.O Approved Working at Heights Training Course, must take the WAH-02 Renewal Course. Evaluation Criteria: Participants are required to attend 100% of their Working at Heights training course in order to receive their certification. Evaluations include on-going practical assessments and one final theoretical examination at completion of the training course. Participants must achieve 100% on their practical assessments and 75% on their theoretical written exam to obtain their Working at Heights certification. Please notify Paramount Safety Consulting Inc. prior to course start if the participant has any learning or language barriers, we will be happy to accommodate to the participants needs. Documentation: Participants will receive a Record of Training, Participant Workbook and a digitized training certificate. Employers who register in the participants will also receive a Record of Training and copy of the workers training certificates. The Ministry of Labour will also issue successful candidates a M.O.L Working at Heights Training Card following course completion.

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8:00 AM-4:30 PM