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Working at Heights – (Renewal Course)

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Working at Heights (Renewal Course)  Information:

Only participants who have successfully completed a CPO-approved Working at Heights training program,  delivered by a CPO-approved training provider are eligible to take this refresher training.

Product Description

Course Objectives Upon completion of the course, participants will understand the following: Construction Regulations with regards to Working at Heights Recognize, Assess and Control hazards associated with Working at Heights Fall Protection systems and their components Rescue and Emergency Procedures Equipment maintenance and storage Completion of practical portion of inspecting fall protection systems and their components Don and Doffing of full body harnesses , lanyard placement Practical evaluation of Travel Restraint, Achieving 100% Tie-off. NOTE :Working at Heights – (Renewal Course) Information: Eligibility: Only participants who have previously completed an approved Working at Heights training program (Full Course) delivered by an approved training provider are eligible to take this renewal training.