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H2S Alive – Hydrogen Sulphide ©

H2S Alive – Hydrogen Sulphide ©

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H2S Alive – Hydrogen Sulphide © (H2S-01):

Course Duration: 6 Hours

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H2S Alive – Hydrogen Sulphide ©

This H2S Alive – Hydrogen Sulphide © course provides workers with the knowledge and training to identify hazards when working in and around Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S) industries.  This course provides workers who may work or perform work in a setting where Hydrogen Sulfide poses a hazard to their health and safety, the knowledge and understanding required to work safely

H2S is an extremely toxic gas, produced by the bacterial decomposition of organic materials such as human and animal wastes. However, H2S can also be produced by industrial activities that such as petroleum/natural gas drilling or refining, wastewater treatments, coke ovens, tanneries and paper mills.

Training includes;

H2S Hydrogen Sulphide Hazards

Policy and Procedures

Safe Work processes

Testing/monitoring procedures

Personal protective equipment

Exposure limits.

This training is written under the provisions and guideline of the Canadian Professional Trainers Association. This program as well as all other programs written and delivered by Paramount Safety Consulting Inc. Are reserved by Canadian Copyright. ©

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Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy: Paramount Safety Consulting Inc. requires at least 24-hours’ notice for any course cancellations or re-scheduling, participants that fail to provide adequate notice for their absence will be charged the full course amount and all applicable taxes.
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