Working at Heights Standards where released on April 1, 2015  due to a fatal accident that claimed the lives of four workers and severely injuring the fifth worker on December 24, 2009. The workers were employed with Metron Construction Corporation of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

According to the Ontario Supreme Court Judge Ian MacDonnell, Vadim Kazenelson was aware the fall protection procedures where not in place and he allowed the workers onto the swing stage 13 stories above the ground. The crew was repairing concrete balconies on an apartment building. ” In his failure to act, he showed wanton and reckless disregard,” said judge MacDonnell.

When the swing stage split in two, Kazenelson managed to hold onto the balcony, however four out of the five workers fell 13 stories to their death, and the fifth worker miraculously survived,  although has suffered severe injuries as a result. Kazenelson was convicted of one count of criminal negligence causing bodily harm relating to the surviving worker.

The guilty plea was the first by an Ontario corporation charged under the Criminal Code Bill C-45 amendments that became law in 2004, where Criminal liability of corporations, directors, officers, and employees have been established.


Metron Construction Corporation of Toronto was fined $750,000.00 plus an addition 25% for the victims surcharge.

Additional fines where issued to the swing stage Ottawa, Ontario based SWING N SCAFF INC., was also fined $350,000.00 for failing to ensure the platform was in good condition, in addition a company director was fined $50,000.00 and both were also directed to pay an additional 25% victim surcharge.

“This is a tragic event that will never be forgotten” however the sad part is it takes an event like this to change legislation, and still workers are exposed to the hazards of falling each and everyday, they are not trained to protect themselves.

Our Policies and Procedures meet and exceed the OHSA

Our Policies and Procedures comply with  OHSA

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CSA Approved Fall Protection Harness

CSA Approved Fall Protection Harness

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North A79 CSA Approved Hard Hat

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