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Bobby Gondoza, NCSO, RPT

Health and Safety Consultant
  • Designations :
  • Experience :
    Oil and Gas, Industrial, Construction
  • Contact :
    905-661-7233 ext. 231
  • Email :
    bobby @paramountsafetyconsulting.com

Bobby Gondoza joined our team in April 2022. He specializes in the Oil and Gas industry, Construction and Industrial sectors with many years’ experiences in Occupational Health and Safety. He is dedicated and extremely passionate about health and safety and believes with training and mentoring all employees will improve their own personal safety and increase their hazard awareness and reduce injuries.

Every company large and small needs to have a safety program that will allow their employees to be healthy and safe both on the job
and off the job. Bobby focuses on assisting small to mid-size companies in developing and great safety culture to improve their safety program.