From Sept. 15 to Oct. 26, 2014 the Ministry of Labour inspectors will visit plants, factories and other industrial sector workplaces across the province. They will check that employers are taking appropriate action to assess and address possible hazards. Material handling involves activities related to the loading, unloading, storage and movement of goods and supplies in workplaces The inspectors will check workplaces for compliance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act and its regulations. In particular, they will check that employers:
  • Have well maintained lift trucks and other lifting devices rated for their loads
  • Are providing workers with safe access to work areas
  • Are ensuring workers perform tasks safely to prevent falls
  • Are ensuring mobile / transport equipment is appropriate for use and well maintained
  • Ensure materials (i.e equipment, products and supplies) are stored in a safe manner
  • Have a well functioning internal responsibility system in place
  • Ensure workers are properly trained and supervised. This workplace safety blitz is part of the government’s continued commitment to preventing workplace injuries and illness through its Safe At Work Ontario enforcement initiative.

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