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Record of Training (ROT)

Application process to become an accredited training provider for Records of Training (ROT)

As a result of the recommendations put forward by the Propane Review Panel, the provincial government amended Ontario Regulation 215/01 effective December 31, 2008 with the following additions:

Accreditation of certain training providers
4.1 (1) Training providers who are accredited by the director to provide training for a certificate or record of training required by Ontario Regulation 211/01 (Propane Storage and Handling), made under the Act, are deemed to have their accreditation expire on December 31, 2009.

(2) The director shall not approve or renew the accreditation of a training provider to provide training for a certificate or record of training required by Ontario Regulation 211/01, made under the Act, unless the training provider provides evidence acceptable to the director that the persons who will provide the training have subject matter and practical experience in the matters on which they will be providing training.

(3) The accreditation of a training provider to whom this section applies shall be valid for no more than three years.

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Product Description

Course Length: 6 hours Course Code: CH-02 Course Overview Paramount Safety Consulting Inc. is an approved CH-2 (TSSA) training provider. Propane CH-02 training is mandatory for anyone connecting, or disconnecting propane devices of 400,000 BTU’s or less. PSCI will ensure that the participant has a complete knowledge of connecting propane devices, and the safe manner to disconnect the propane devices. Certification training is to be renewed every 3 years by an approved training provider. CSA approved footwear and safety glasses are required during the practical portion of training. Hand protection selection will be provided at the time of registration for the participants. Training Objectives:
  • Legislative standards
  • Employer, Worker and Supplier Responsibilities/Duties
  • Proper inspection of equipment for damage
  • Procedures for setting up and removing
  • Demonstrations and hands-on training on propane equipment lighting
  • Information on workplace protection and worker’s rights
  • Administer Worker Evaluation
  • Worker Evaluation
  • Practical evaluation of propane operation.
  • Class Interaction with Instructor
  • Participant receives laminated certificate card
  • Employer receives record of training
  • Valid for 3 year from Date of Issue
  • Registered number assigned to Certification Card
  • Electronic Registry
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