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NEW* Field Level Hazard Assessment

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An employer is required to provide every reasonable precaution to protect workers. The Field Level Hazard Assessment card is designed to assist both the worker and supervisor with the tools to identify any issues and concerns, correct any deficiencies that could cause an injury, and most importantly it provides a worker or supervisor  the ability to prevent injury the workplace. The Field Level Hazard Assessment Card is as an excellent resource for workers and supervisors to document their tasks, identify hazards and finally implement control to protect workers during their busy workday. Our full size Tri-Fold 8.5″ x 11″ Landscaped formatted form will change the safety culture in your workplace.  Field Level Hazard Assessment Cards are available for $2.25 each plus HST Call us today at 905-661-SAFE (7233) to order or  email customercare@paramountsafetyconsulting.com today to order your Field Level Hazard Assessment Cards.