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Elevated Work Platform New Operator On Sale Now !!! $199.99 | 6 to 12 Participants

From: $ 199.99

Elevated Work Platform (New Operator Training)

Course Length: 4 Hours

EWP-01 (Full Course): Discounted to $199.99+HST per participant when you have a class of 6 to 12 participants registered and paid.

Course Length: 4 Hours

Note New Operator requires the Road Test to be selected   |  RT-01 (Operator Road Test): $99.99+HST per participant 



EWP-01: Participants who are registered in the EWP-01 training program, will be required to complete an additional practical component to obtain their certification. This applies to all equipment operator courses and is completed at your work-site location. This practical component is not required to occur on the same date as the theoretical (in-class) component. This practical assessment is performed on site due to the requirement to ensure the participant is competent in operating, inspecting and maintaining the specific model they will be using in the workplace. If the participant is currently un-employed or if a worksite/equipment is unavailable for the practical assessment, please do not hesitate to contact Paramount Safety Consulting Inc as we will be happy to assist you through this process. The practical evaluation must be booked through Paramount Safety Consulting Inc. and travel charges may apply. Please contact the office at 905-661-7233 for more information. Course Overview: Paramount Safety Consulting Inc.’s Elevated Work Platform Operator training program is designed to meet compliance with CSA-B354 standards and The Occupational Health and Safety Act. This course combines hands-on practical training and theoretical in-class training to ensure that each learner is fully competent and trained in the safe operation of Elevated Work Platforms. Through successful completion of this course, participants will be able to identify hazards, develop an understanding of the applicable regulations and demonstrate safe operating procedures. This course does not have a regulated expiry, however it is strongly recommended that a re-certification course is completed every three years. Course Modules Include:
  • Legislation and Standards for Elevated Work Platforms
  • Workplace Responsibilities
  • Elevated Work Platform Selection Criteria
  • Hazard Identification
  • Hazard Control
  • Safe Work Practices and Procedures
  • Personal Protective Equipment and Fall Protection
  • Pre-Operational Inspections
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • Platform Stability
  • Rescue Plans and Emergency Procedures
Additional Information: We encourage all participants to dress comfortably, however Paramount Safety Consulting Inc. strives to maintain a professional learning environment. Therefore, to uphold this standard and ensure all participants are able to partake in the required training activities, we ask that all participants wear work appropriate clothing such as denim/work pants with clean shoes. All other learning materials will be provided Prerequisites: Participants must have successfully completed Working at Heights Training through a C.P.O Approved training provider and hold a valid certificate in Working at Heights in order to operate an Elevated Work Platform.

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