Cranes Hoisting & Rigging CRNHR-01

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Cranes Hoisting & Rigging



Course Length: 6 hours Course Overview

Paramount Safety Consulting Inc. provides Cranes Hoisting & Rigging Training in a classroom based training environment which covers the theoretical objectives of Cranes Hoisting & Rigging Safety along with a written evaluation to prove due diligence.

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Product Description

Cranes Hoisting & Rigging    CHNR-01


This course sets out to ensure compliance with CSA standards. Employers are responsible for keeping workers are up-to-date on required training for operating cranes. We recommend that operator training be part of a larger comprehensive crane safety program, developed in consultation with the Joint Health and Safety Committee or the health and safety representative that includes the following elements:

Training Objectives:

  • General operating procedures
  • Crane Safety
  • Information on worker’s rights (Section 43 OHSA)
  • Hazard identification
  • Training (of both operators and those working near Cranes)
  • Safe Operating procedures
  • Facility design
  • Hand Signals for Crane Lifting Procedures
  • Lifting components
  • Worker Evaluation
  • Operator  Check 
  • Theoretical Evaluation


  • Participant receives Plastic Smart Card certificate.
  • Employer receives record of training.
  • Valid for 3 year from Date of Issue
  • Registered number assigned to Certification Card
  • Electronic Registry