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Supervisor Log Book

    Supervisors have an important role in every workplace. Workers look to their supervisor for ongoing guidance and support in their day to-day job tasks. Employers rely on the supervisor to mentor, monitor and help motivate their workers to uphold adopted standards. Ontario’s Occupational Health and Safety Act, Regulations set minimum standards for health and safety in Ontario workplaces. This legislation also assigns responsibilities for meeting those standards, and penalties for not. As a supervisor you have responsibility for the health and safety of the workers you supervise. This toolkit is designed to help you understand what Ontario’s legislation expects from you in your role as a supervisor. You don’t have to be an expert in the law to be successful as a supervisor. You need to know your employer’s health and safety standards. Those must, at minimum, comply with the law — that’s your employer’s responsibility. You need to make sure the people you supervise are working in a way that will keep them healthy and safe.  To do that, you need to understand everyone’s health and safety responsibilities. Our supervisor log book can provide the tools to be compliant, and ensure that each event is captured in a log in order to prove due-diligence.