Forklift Operator Certification Training

Forklift Operator Certification
Forklift Operator Certification
Paramount Safety Consulting Inc. is one of the leading Health and Safety Consulting firms with the most up-to-date certification training for Forklifts Class 1 to 6. We will come to your facility to train the operators in a classroom based setting, covering all topics in the safe operation of a Forklift. We don’t just do the theory, we will ensure that the employee’s train  in their own work atmosphere, to ensure that all potential hazards are identified. Propane fired Forklifts now require the operator to have the new CH-02 Construction Heater Operator certification. Our professional trainers are Registered Professional Trainers (RPT) accredited with the Canadian Registered Professional Trainers Association. We are also an approved training provider under the Technical Standards Safety Authority (TSSA) CH-02 propane.    
lifting boxes with forklift
Did you know this falls under the Class 1 to 6 for Forklifts
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